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Saturday, November 12, 2011

What you will need:

  • Guillotine and Scissors
  • A photo for each monthor a year (this year, or any year or no photos for the coming year) . 12 0f 4X6 Photos OR 3.5 X 5 inch photos (available at soundstore kiosks).
  • Pretty pens for doodling/journaling
  • a variety of adhesives - foam pads, scrappy glue, pritt, double sided tape, glue rollers etc.
(you can make the mini book as something other than a calendar if you wish)

Random memorabelia from your year is not necessary but will make your book so much more interesting. Items such as plane tickets, show tickets, newspaper clippings, medical certs, expired credit cards, a page from an expired passport, gift cards, beer mats, bottle caps, invitations, certificates, postcards or cards, business cards, utility bills, food wrappers, admission tickets, receipts, scratchcards, labels from containers, wrapping paper from gifts, - ANYTHING that made a month special!

Although the kit -CONTAINS ALL THAT YOU NEED TO MAKE THE ALBUM - we cannot include alphabet stickers in our kits as they would significantly rise the price of the kit for you. We suggest that you bring old half used alphabets, or use paint/stamps which we will provide on the day for you to write your title. You may also use your own stamps and punches to make your mini book as unique as you like.

Thank you to Joanne for organising this amazing kit, I cannot wait to get stuck in!

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